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p(R)Op artist/scene maker

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Ramona Eve is an Artist/Creative
Youth Worker and Workshop Facilitator

Some things I've worked on:

Engagement Awards (University of Bath)

Collaborating with artist Megan Clark-Bagnell we dressed the space for the Universities annual engagement awards. I created an interactive installation of a giant neon pencil to encourage participants to 'scribble' their ideas down. 


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (If Opera)

I designed and delivered costume and prop workshops to engage primary schools and SEN secondary schools in the theatrical adaption of Alice in Wonderland. After the workshops the young people were invited to see and participate in the Operatic performance.

|April 2023

Spine Festival (Apples and Snakes)

I collaborated with Australia's Slam Champion Poet to plan and deliver a series of workshops on the theme of kindness. We delivered the workshops in various libraries in London with a focus on engagement and play.

|February- May 2023

Chain Reaction (We the Curious)

I was commissioned to design bespoke props and contraptions themed around the sustainability development goals decided at COP27. These were used in a Rube Goldberg Machine inspired activity hosted by We the Curious, to get people thinking about how simple small actions can also start a chain reaction towards a healthier planet for us all. The props were lasercut and were designed to create movement when interacted with.

|October 2022

ROAR (Theatre Orchard)

ROAR! is a summer school exploring our relationship with the planet and how we can all have a positive impact on the future. I was commissioned to co-create props and costumes for the parade with the young people. I designed and delivered workshops where we re-imagined the saying "A leopard can't change it's spots", thinking about the changes we can make for a sustainable future. I designed a blank, wooden, leopard prop, that could be carried in the parade, decorated with all the spots of change we created. 

|August 2022

Mantras and Mugshots (Spark Somerset, Theatre Orchard and supported by The Community Renewal Fund (CRF))

Co-created project with artist Jasmine Collings. We worked with individuals from across six areas in Somerset to create positive affirmations and unique pieces of art. We explored patterns, visual and written communications and what colours bring individuals joy, later developing these into screenprints. The project was a real celebration of optimism, creative voice and community connection. The Mantras and Mugshots workshop was then developed into an interactive exhibition that was taken on tour across libraries in Somerset in September 2022.

|February 2022 - Present

Hidden Health (We The Curious)

Working with three young leaders, University of Bristol PHD students and We the Curious research facilitators, I supported three individual research projects, looking at wellbeing through a young person’s eyes. I supported the development and delivery of the individual projects and then created an interactive exhibition that showed the young people’s findings. The six-month exhibition consisted of soft sculptures, QR quilt and (self) love machine, combining various levels of interactivity, such as the digital, the physical and the exchange, with a goal of improving the participant’s well-being through engagement.

|October 2021 -March 2022

Paradise Puzzle Party (First Art)

I was commissioned to design and host a party where we reimagined creative consultancy and events planning. The aim was to invite the public to plan their perfect party through the creation of a gigantic puzzle picture.

|October 2021

Picture This (North Somerset Council)

A series of printmaking workshops co-lead with Artist Jasmine Collings. The aim was to create a manifesto for a carbon neutral North Somerset, through the creation of various artworks which resulted in a wheat-paste parade/poster campaign. We achieved this through several community-based workshops to gather ideas and designs for the creation of the wheat paste prints from the participants.

|August – October 2021

Future Radicals (Theatre Orchard)

A series of workshops helping the young people of Southville to challenge the notion of “Adults Know Best” to ‘re-design’ their town. Resulting in a cardboard city window shop display and parade.

|July – August 2021

-Love and Pride (Weston Art Space)

Working with the LGBTQ+ artist collective “Let’s Get Visible”, I co-created a window installation for PRIDE WEEK with the text “LOVE AND PRIDE” in the centre of Western-Super-Mare and various icons and symbols and it to represent the different members.

|June 2021

-Paradise Found Exhibitions (Locations in Tower Hill and Shoreditch, London)

Self-organised and funded group exhibitions collating points of view of paradise during the pandemic. I combined my community and personal work to create props and an installation that the public could participate in.

|May – July 2021

-Build Paradise Where You Are (Weston Art Space)

A Paradise/Utopian inspired installation in a disused shop window with the mantra “BUILD PARADISE WHERE YOU ARE” at the centre. Made entirely out of decorated cardboard as a nod to how you can reimagine what already exists around you in a utopian lens. The imagery was a combination of iconic “holiday” symbols with landmarks specific to Weston-Super-Mare.

|April 2021

- The Creative Employment Programme (Paper Arts)

I support facilitated (and lead sections) of this six month course aimed at helping young neurodivergent adults gain insight and skills in the creative sector.

|October 2020 - March 2021 

-Star Stuff Productions (North Somerset Council and Theatre Orchard)

I lead a co-created art project with looked after young people aged between 0-18. We created a (cyber) space themed talent show which combined filmed and live workshops and ended in a premier zoom screening and award ceremony.

|January 2021 

- What Could Workshop (Memory Bank) 

A digital workshop aimed at young people in Weston Super Mare. Carson Parkin Fairley and I designed and created physical packs to accompany the workshop and support young people to reimagine their disused high street.

|October 2020 

-Holidaying At Home (Theatre Orchard)

Collaborative art project with Theatre Orchard and artist Megan Clark-Bagnell. We created a community of "Holiday Makers" in Weston Super Mare during lockdown via Zoom and the Royal Mail (this was later commissioned in Bristol by Off The Record and in Oxford by Creativity Camps.)

|April 2020 - present​

-Rules Don't Apply Here (Royal Shakespeare Company)

As Artist Assistant to Megan Clark-Bagnell, I created props and artwork for a large commission with the Royal Shakespeare Company. I helped from creation to installation with the exhibition ‘Rules Don’t Apply” and also facilitated activities over half term aimed at building an exhibition that celebrated young people’s true selves and (literally) smashed stereotypes.

|October 2019

-Exploring Textile Surfaces (Knowle West Media Centre)

Co-designed and delivered an evening course combining digital and traditional textile techniques with Fiona Dowling (digital designer and fabricator). The course was for beginners who had a love for pattern, shape and colour.

|October 2019 - present

-Maker City (Knowle West Media Centre)

STEAM focused course where ideas, skills and problem solving are key. Duties include assisting and leading in the delivery and development of the course, building strong relationships with the young people and facilitating their own creative journey

|October 2018 - October 2020

- Creative Youth Network, Bristol

Freelance workshop facilitator running creative courses with local disengaged  young people aged 11-16. Duties include lesson planning, teaching, providing materials, behavioural management and safeguarding

|April 2018 - March 2020

- Creativity Camps (Children In Need), Oxford

Freelance youth worker / workshop facilitator working with young people aged 5-15 with a focus on engagement through creative activities. Duties include lesson planning, teaching, play working, supporting other facilitators, behavioural management and safeguarding

|April 2018 - present

- Creative Hub (Knowle West Media Centre)

Freelance youth worker / workshop facilitator in a weekly open access youth club where the young people are encouraged to develop their artistic and musical skills using technology. Duties include workshop planning, engaging young people and responding to their individual needs and areas of interest

|November 2018 - October 2020

I also did some internships, voluntary work and art education.


I love working with new people so get in touch! 

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