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p(R)Op artist/scene maker

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Ramona Eve is an Artist/Designer/Creative
Youth Worker and Workshop Facilitator
Ramona Headshot SQ.JPEG

Photography by Suzi Corker 

I am a participatory artist who uses sculpture, installation, and workshops to engage people in discussions and activities. My work centres around three key elements: play, people, and props. My goal is to create art that empowers individuals and fosters a sense of community and well-being. I use bright colours and simple patterns to create a playful and inviting atmosphere, and my style has been described as a blend of Barbie and Fear and Loathing, or The Fresh Prince at the beach, due to my love of 90s aesthetics and my belief that we can "build paradise wherever we are."

I believe that art should be inclusive and accessible to everyone, so I strive to make my projects as welcoming and engaging as possible. I incorporate principles of mindfulness, artistic intervention, and co-creation in my work to provide a positive and enriching experience for participants. I have had the pleasure of working with organisations such as We The Curious, Culture Weston, Theatre Orchard, Off The Record, Knowle West Media Centre, Royal Shakespeare Company and The Creative Youth Network, among others.

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